(Buffalo, NY)

The Romans is a modern day version of the Julius Caesar story set in the inner city of Buffalo,NY. Earl Roman runs his empire with an iron fist but a soft heart towards the people who live and strive in his neighborhood. His rival, the insidious Cicero Murphy and the corrupt Councilman Green, threaten his Domain. His son Reverend Eric Roman and his former portage Brucey B are left behind to pick up the pieces of this deceitful empire.

Written by Korey Green (The Forgotten City) and Larry Quinn comes a new age mobster style drama "The Romans" where in these streets the gun is more accepted than the bible.

He who despises his neighbor is guilty of sin; but happy is he who has mercy on the poor! -Proverbs 14:21


Ex-Sabres Executive producing a Movie

Contact: korey@blackrosefilmsusa.com
2495 Main St # 555 Buffalo, NY 14214